Apr 30, 2024

Are You Choosing an Employee Benefits Provider that Aligns with Your ESG Principals?

In April, people worldwide celebrated Earth Day, with the theme for 2024 being "Planet vs. Plastics,” underscoring a global commitment to addressing the impact of plastics on human and planetary health.

As THE premier multinational pooling network, Insurope is proud to highlight that its Network Members are steadfastly prioritizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles across the globe.

Employees are increasingly looking to their employers to champion responsible practices. Therefore, it is crucial for multinational companies to partner with benefits providers that align with their values and sustainability efforts.

One exemplary partner is Groupama Gan Vie, Insurope’s exclusive Network Member in France since 1979. As a prominent figure in the French group insurance landscape, Groupama Gan Vie offers a wide range of health, life, disability, and retirement plans tailored to companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. 

However, Groupama Gan Vie goes beyond providing insurance solutions; the company believes it has a broader responsibility to actively contribute to social, energy, and ecological transitions. To achieve this, the company is developing an ESG culture and integrating it into all operational aspects, making it an intrinsic part of its values. 

Recognizing that sustainability and ESG criteria are continuously evolving, Groupama Gan Vie has established a roadmap within the Group. This roadmap includes considerations such as integrating sustainability factors by asset class, developing new ESG-focused product offerings, and educating distribution networks and end customers about ESG issues. 

In terms of investment strategies, Groupama Gan Vie incorporates ESG criteria into its portfolios, considering sustainability impacts and implementing measures to mitigate negative effects. 

Collaboration with Groupama Asset Management ensures that ESG integration is a core aspect of administration mandates and investment decisions. 

Moreover, Groupama Group has set ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions, aligning with global sustainability goals such as the Paris Agreement and National Low Carbon Strategy. This commitment demonstrates Groupama's dedication to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. 

Groupama Gan Vie's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach reflects its commitment to sustainable development across three main pillars:

  • environmental preservation,
  • employee development,
  • and sustainable solutions for customers and stakeholders.

From offering sustainable investment options to promoting public transport incentives and engaging in social initiatives like Collab'Action and partnerships for professional integration, Groupama Gan Vie is actively contributing to a sustainable future while prioritizing the wellbeing of its employees and communities. Insurope is proud to call this incredible organization its Network Member! 

And there are countless stories like this worldwide. Much like Groupama Gan Vie, Insurope’s Network Members are driving positive change by embedding ESG principles into their core operations and fostering a culture of sustainability and responsibility.