Apr 25, 2024

Racing Toward Innovation: How Baloise Embraces Gaming to Connect with Millennials

Insurope, THE Premier Multinational Pooling Network, collaborates with the leading providers of employee benefits worldwide. These insurers are renowned for their commitment to ongoing innovation, ensuring they continually evolve to better serve and connect with clients.

One standout member of the Insurope network is Baloise-Holding (Baloise), our Network Member in Switzerland. Baloise exemplifies a company that actively listens to its customers and adapts to changing times. Its diverse portfolio includes life, accident, health, property, and automobile insurance. Poolable benefits encompass disability, life, and pension services. The company also offers an array of other services such as retirement solutions, asset management, investment advice, brokering, and banking services. Baloise is based in Basel, Switzerland.

Reaching Millennials

This year, Baloise has taken bold steps to engage with younger audiences, especially Millennials, as it unveils its modernized logo. Recognizing Switzerland's vibrant gaming culture, Baloise has tapped into the popularity of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) to reach a wider audience.

With Baloise's innovative approach, clients can now integrate life insurance, banking, and insurance services within the virtual world of GTA 5. Through the SwissHub server, players can access virtual ATMs, offering a unique way to connect with Baloise's services. You can view the videos at the following links:

The Grand Theft Insurance campaign seamlessly blends the virtual and real worlds, offering a multifaceted experience across various channels to appeal to a broad audience. On YouTube, a video series showcases memorable moments from the game, while LinkedIn features daily reports from general agents in the branch, covering security updates and live car chase coverage from the virtual world.

Baloise's general agency, with characters Sam and Jill, spent a month engaging in exciting adventures on Swiss servers. They raced, sold insurance policies, and even managed banking transactions within the game. By offering liability and legal claim insurance, players could shorten prison sentences, while death insurance enabled them to recover collected items.

Baloise's bold foray into the gaming world has been met with positive feedback from Swiss media, reinforcing its innovative approach to building customer relationships and boosting brand visibility among younger demographics.

Continued Innovation

Looking ahead, Baloise continues to forge connections with its target customers through partnerships with micro-companies such as Bubblebox, a laundry service with home delivery service; Parcandi, which arranges parking spaces in the city; Movu, which arranges the best moving companies for your own move and Twiice, which allows disabled people a certain degree of mobility again by means of an exoskeleton. These collaborations exemplify the company's commitment to providing comprehensive services tailored to its customers' needs.

Moreover, Baloise leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to streamline claim processing, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. The company's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation underscores its mission to create more accessible, simple, and safe solutions for all.

Specialized Solutions in Every Market

When it comes to employee benefits, one size no longer fits all.

That’s why the Insurope Network offers a multinational solution that is tailored for the needs of employees in every country where an organization does business delivered through local Network Members like Baloise in Switzerland.