Jan 31, 2024

UNIQA Ukraine—helping customers, communities, and its people thrive in difficult times

As the world approaches February 24th, marking two-years since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Insurope would like to recognize its Network Member in Ukraine, UNIQA. A subsidiary of UNIQA Group Austria, this organization, with over 1,000 employees, diligently manages approximately 1 million insurance policies each year. Despite operating under extreme adversity, UNIQA has proven that it can thrive by focusing on what is truly important—its customers, community and people!

Giving Back

Since the advent of the war, charitable contributions and community giving have gained special significance for UNIQA. In 2023, UNIQA expanded its support for humanitarian initiatives in collaboration with charitable foundations and other partners. Overall, from the beginning of the full-scale war until the end of 2023, UNIQA's charitable assistance in monetary terms amounted to over 200 million hryvnias.

In particular, UNIQA focused on a partnership with Charity Fund of Sergiy Prytula, which began in 2022. During this time, numerous initiatives were implemented to support medical institutions, military personnel, and residents of front-line communities.

Since July 2022, with the support of UNIQA Group (Austria), a permanent project for organizing and financing humanitarian aid has been in place. Hospitals in front-line areas receive valuable medical supplies, and thousands of tactical first aid kits and inventory are provided to military units.

For example, in May-June 2023, with the support of UNIQA Group, the Sergiy Prytula Fund delivered about 700 kg of medicines worth around 300,000 Euros to hospitals and medical facilities in de-occupied territories of Ukraine (Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk regions). Among them were fourth-generation antibiotics and other antibacterial drugs essential for the effective treatment of the sick.

In July 2023, cooperation began with the public organization "Masha Fund." UNIQA's assistance for the organization’s "Unbroken Mom" project amounted to 1.9 million hryvnias. With the goal to improve lives, the Fund's employees and specialists offer psychological support to women and their children who have suffered from the war: lost loved ones, became homeless, were in occupation, or captivity.

In 2023, the company also celebrated the 10th anniversary of the collaboration between UNIQA and the All-Ukrainian Charitable Organization "Down Syndrome." The collaboration began with UNIQA's New Year initiative, which later became a tradition for the company. Instead of buying New Year corporate gifts for partners and clients, funds are directed to the needs of children cared for by the "Down Syndrome" organization. Specifically, sessions with doctors are paid for, and psychological and informational support to families is provided. Such measures help children develop successfully and prepare for education in childcare institutions, while parents gain necessary knowledge.

Caring for Customers

As a company engaged in daily interactions with a myriad of policyholders, UNIQA places paramount importance on customer service. This recognition is heightened, particularly in times of conflict, acknowledging that steadfast communication, prompt support, and effective resolution of issues assume heightened significance during such periods.

Here are some figures on how UNIQA Assistance works. In 2023, Medical Assistance processed over 2.1 million client inquiries, including 1.2 million primary client inquiries and 900 thousand processed requests for organizing medical services. Technical Assistance experts assisted more than 120 thousand clients insured under CASCO, MTPL, Health, and Property insurance policies.

To ensure that the company consistently provides a high level of service, UNIQA conducts a monthly survey of customers regarding the provided insurance services and services related to the settlement of insurance events, assistance, etc. During the year, the company received 92,501 ratings from customers, of which 84% were the maximum five.

Compared to last year, when the overall satisfaction rating was 4.43 out of 5, 2023 shows a significant increase, reaching 4.60. This is a true demonstration not only of the quality of services provided by UNIQA, but also of progress and the desire for improvement.

Customer care is demonstrated not only in the service component but also in the improvement and development of products. On the life insurance front, "Life and Responsibility" was updated, taking into account the need to increase the financial protection of UNIQA Life clients. The policy is particularly crucial in challenging times, as it allows for the protection of health and life from the most serious risks, including injuries from accidents and the diagnosis of critical illnesses.

Taking Care of Its People

In 2023, UNIQA reaffirmed its leadership positions in both the insurance market as a whole and in specific insurance directions. The organization recognizes that this achievement would have been impossible without the dedicated and coordinated work of the entire team. As such, support, development, and training of employees remain crucial elements of the company's strategy in times of war and economic instability.

Proactive internal communications have gained particular importance during these times, and UNIQA continues to develop information support channels for the team. It also continued the practice of educational webinars, which are invaluable given the hybrid work format for most employees.

To help colleagues overcome uncertainty and heightened anxiety, UNIQA, together with Wellbeing Company partners, extended the psychological support service. Online communication with qualified psychologists helps improve life in challenging conditions, instills confidence, and teaches coping with stress.

Another important step was the reboot of Agile processes—educational training for the entire team and the final steps in implementation with experienced mentors.

Insurope is proud to call UNIQA a partner and we truly commend the organization for all it is doing to continue to help customers and take care of employees—no matter the circumstance! To learn more about UNIQA, please visit our website at Network Members - UNIQA Life.