Seguros Bolívar

Founded in 1939, Seguros Bolívar S.A., is one of Colombia’s most important insurance companies. As part of the Bolívar Group, Seguros Bolívar creates value and provides solutions to millions of people through life and casualty insurance, based on strong knowledge of customers, innovation, technology and process alignment.

  • Flexible products that adjust to the needs of the client
  • Medical line attended by health professionals 24/7
  • Insured does not pay any deductible for hospitalization and does not participate in payment for inter consultations while hospitalized
  • Special rehabilitation treatment with no deductible for 6 months for spinal cord injury, severe head trauma, cerebrovascular accident, Guillain Barre disease and coronary heart disease
  • All protheses and braces are covered. Our clause does not handle lists for prosthetics. In addition, we cover the replacement of the prosthesis as long as the first has been covered by Seguros Bolivar
  • Broad coverages of transplants without listing: Covers the transplant, necessary and unlimited medications in outpatient expenses, organ transport, donor expenses. Seguros Bolivar covers the compatibility tests of possible donors and effective donor.
  • Comprehensive business wellness program seeking the well-being of the company and employees obtaining results such as: Decrease in absenteeism, increased sense of belonging, decreased rotation indicator, decrease in presentation of cardiovascular diseases.