Canada Life

Founded in 1847, the Canada Life Assurance Company was Canada’s first domestic life insurance company. Based in Toronto, we have grown and prospered and today we provide a diversified range of insurance and wealth management products and services in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Brazil and several other jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man.

Canada Life began operating in the United Kingdom in 1903 and has developed a wide offering of products and services to suit our clients. Our product portfolio encompasses solutions for successful retirement income planning, inheritance tax planning, saving and investments as well as group and individual protection.

In 2003, Canada Life became part of The Great-West Life Assurance Company, a subsidiary of Great-West LifeCo. The transaction brought together three leading Canadian life insurers – Great-West, London Life and Canada Life – to create an even stronger financial services organization with global reach. Canada Life and Great-West are members of the Power Financial Corporation group of companies.

Canada Life has been an Insurope Network member since 1997.

They can offer Life and Disability coverage for the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey).

Group life assurance, our 28.7% market share makes us the UK’s number one provider.
Group income protection, a 20.6% market share makes us the UK’s number two provider.
Group critical illness cover, a 12.7% market share makes us the number four provider.
Canada Life has just launched the most extensive and comprehensive Group Income Protection benefits package on the market under the banner “Working Well”. Working Well offers solutions to both employers and employees covering a range of services including:

  • EmployeeCare
  • BusinessCare
  • AbsenceFirst
  • Claims Management Services (CMS)
  • Best Doctors