Sep 07, 2021

A Network Member in the Spotlight - Issue #15 Allianz Indonesia

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Let's hand over the pen to our main contact at Allianz Indonesia, Mr. Arie Sudarya, so he can tell us more about his experience with the Insurope team.  

FIVE QUESTIONS TO “A Network Member in the Spotlight”

What is your role at Allianz Life Indonesia?

As Head of Employee Benefits Pooling Business, I am responsible for relationships with all of our pooling partners. I am also responsible for all inter-mediation and cooperation with sales teams from all distribution channels in Allianz Indonesia, brokers, consultants, and clients throughout Indonesia, supporting the prospecting and retention of our customers through our representation of Insurope and adding value with pooling solutions.

Who is your primary contact at Insurope?
Michele Tan is my primary contact. She has been very helpful, dynamic, and dedicated in her work. Really nice to work with Michele.

Two words that would best describe your collaboration with the Insurope team? Feel free to explain why.
Proactive and supportive. Insurope team has been always proactive and provide great support that has helped me in my role in securing the pooling accounts and increasing volume with our business partners.

What is most enjoyable about working with Insurope?
The way that Insurope operates is very proactive, supportive, strategic, and transparent. They are also always responsive and communicative to answer the needs of Network Members. It’s an honor to be part of this Network.

What is your best memory at an Insurope event?
The Insurope Sales Meeting in Brussels 2019. It was the first Insurope event I attended. It was really a great experience that I had the opportunity to meet all Insurope’s Regional Directors and had business discussions with them. I really enjoyed the dinner at Atomium Brussels as well. Hopefully, I could attend another event in the future.

Thank you Arie!